Angel’s SHare NFT

Named for the integral whisky making process, our Angel's Share NFT owners - Angels - will receive bottles of whisky and have control over what we make.

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NFT Quantity
Mint Price
Oct 1st
Public Sales
Membership Benefits
  • Exclusive Whisky Club
  • Become Whisky Maker
  • Rare Cask Auction
  • Holders Only Experience
  • 12 Bottles of Whisky
  • A Cask of Whisky (200L)

UPcoming Event

Receive latest announcement of upcoming whisky tasting event & seminar.

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Whisky Club Membership Benefits

Exclusive whisky club
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Join the community to connect with tech-savvy whisky lovers. We all have the ownership and influence on how the brand grows. In the community you can find a network of like-minded people where learning, communication, cooperation and innovation happen. Be a whisky maker, be our angel.

Become whisky maker
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Allow our members to become whisky makers. We Find the best casks, the members decide which whisky finish they’d like. (Rum/Sherry/Baijiu)

Rare Cask Auction
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Our team of whisky experts will sort out rare whisky cask around the world’s best distillery. Only holders are available to participate in this exclusive auction for a chance to win a one-of-a-kind whisky cask.

Holders Only Experience
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All holders will receive our invitation of a distillery tour in Scotland and you are welcome to visit you cask and chat with our team of whisky experts. Whisky tasting, whisky academy, whisky workshop and more exclusive events will be delivered occasionally to our holders and the NFT will be the one and only access to all the events.

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Distillery Tour

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Cask Visits

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Whisky Tasting

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Whisky Academy

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Whisky Workshop

Exclusive Drops and Control

Every month, our Angels pick exclusive finishes* for a series of premium single cask bottlings. They then receive a NFT redeemable for a full bottle on maturation.

Whisky finishing is a process distilleries use to:
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Improve flavour

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Add Value

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Make a unique product

Whisky making process


We find the best casks from the most popular distilleries

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The angels decide which whisky finish they like

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The cask complete secondary maturation

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The cask is bottled, ready for redemption

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Once the Angels have decided on the cask finish. They will each receive an NFT redeemable for one bottle. These bottle NFTs are visually based on the distillery the cask is from, and are each unique. Once redeemed, the bottle itself comes with a one-of-a-kind label matching the NFT.

Life Time Supply of Whisky
On completion of the distillery our Angels will receive a full physical cask of whisky
Whilst the cask is stored in our warehouse, the ownership is represented by the Angels Share NFT itself.
With this they can:
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Bottle and drink

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Sell it on

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Age the cask, and increase the value

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