The Basics

Barley Nectar is a first of its kind NFT backed whisky club and independent bottler.
We are building a physical whisky distillery, the Altour Distillery, in the Highlands of Scotland. Whilst construction gets underway, we are releasing two types of NFT aimed at growing a tech savvy whisky community:

  • Our ‘Angel’s Shares’ NFTs: These are membership tokens for Barley Nectar and come with a range of benefits including control over which whisky we bottle, a series of whisky backed NFT drops, and the rights to a full physical barrel of whisky from the Altour Distillery on completion.
  • Whisky Bottle NFTs: These NFTs are each backed by a physical bottle of whisky stored in Scotland. They can be traded, or else redeemed and drunk whenever the NFT holder chooses

Named for the integral whisky making process, our Angel’s Share NFTs work as membership tokens for Barley Nectar. They give the holder two primary benefits:

1) Twelve exclusive whisky bottles paired with corresponding NFTs

Every month for twelve months our Angel’s Share holders decide a different whisky cask to finish and bottle. They then receive a redeemable bottle NFT entitling them to a physical bottle from each cask.

2) A barrel of whisky

The Angel’s Share digital tokens come alongside the rights to a full physical whisky barrel from the Altour Distillery on completion of the distillery, plus five years free storage at our secure facility in Scotland.

Every month our Angels’ Share holders pick a different cask of whisky to finish and bottle.

Each bottle is paired with a digital bottle NFT equivalent. Whilst the physical bottles are stored in our warehouse in Scotland, the digital versions can be freely traded and collected. The bottle NFT holder has the right at any time to ‘redeem’ the whisky bottle at which point the digital version will be destroyed and the physical bottle sent to the consumer.

Once a month our Angel’s Share holders are presented with an aged cask of whisky from some of Scotland's best known distilleries and given the choice of three different ‘cask finishes’ to choose from. The whisky is finished in the most popular option for 12 months before being bottled and made available to our Angels’ Share holders to redeem.

Whilst the cask is lying for its final finishing, the Angel’s Share holders automatically receive a redeemable whisky bottle NFT corresponding to a bottle from the cask. These can either be traded, held, or else once the cask has finished its maturation - redeemed for the physical whisky bottle.

The primary benefits to using NFTs is that they allow us to build up a community, who we are then able to give control to how we grow. Beyond this the security and liquidity provided by blockchain technology lends itself exceptional well to the whisky industry.

The Whisky

Every month our team sample 100s of casks from some of the most prestigious distilleries in Scotland to find the most interesting options for our users. Across the year we have opted for a wide range of flavour profiles and regions from the sweet, floral notes of Speyside, to the spiciness of the Highlands, and of course the beloved smokey notes of Islay.

We then offer a range of exceptional cask finishes each month to go with the cask. Some of these will be familiar to whisky lovers, such as Oloroso sherry barrels - made famous by Macallan, others are more experimental such as IPA barrels, or even Mezcal casks.

This combination of fantastic mature casks, paired with unique finishing options, gives our Angels Share holders the ability to create fantastic entirely exclusive whisky unavailable anywhere else in the market.

Whisky finishing is the process whereby an ageing cask of whisky is decanted into a different empty barrel which was formerly used for another purpose (e.g. a former sherry barrel). As roughly 3% of the liquid remains in the oak once a cask is emptied, this new barrel will impart a fantastic flavour on the ultimate flavour of the whisky.

First championed by The Balvenie in the 1980s whisky finishing, or ‘secondary maturation’, has now become extremely widespread. It is the primary tool available to distilleries to impact the flavour of a maturing cask.

We pick a different theme based on the distillery used for each monthly bottling. This theme is then iterated multiple times to match the different bottles available. Whilst the bottles each month are from a singly unique cask, each NFT aesthetic is unique.

For those who choose to redeem and drink their bottles, their unique NFT bottle is incorporated into the label design - making each bottle itself one of a kind.

The bottles are available for redemption after 12 months of cask finishing.

Holding an Angels Share entitles you to decide the monthly whisky finished for the secondary maturation.

If your preferred cask finish is not selected by the group, you will still receive the bottle NFT of the selected finish. There is no obligation to redeem the bottle, meaning you are free to either hold, gift, or else sell on the whisky NFT.

Whisky has made headlines across the world recently for its investment potential. These include a single cask of Ardbeg that recently sold for £16m, twice what LVMH paid for the entire Ardbeg business back in the 1990s, as well as the much touted Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, which shows that rare whisky bottles had increased an incredible 564% in value between 2011 and 2021.

The rationale for why the price point can go up is due to increasing demand for Scottish whisky globally, particular brands or bottles becoming popular, and finally the fact that maturing whisky is inherently a finite product. For example, there is never going to be more whisky distilled in 1990 than there is currently. This creates a supply demand mismatch - driving prices up.

Barley Nectar covers the full cost of whisky bottle storage for a minimum of 10 years, and cask storage for 5 years.

Barley Nectar covers the full cost of bottling, storing and insuring the whisky bottles.

If the bottle is redeemed, the redeemer will be required to pay shipping and import taxes. Barley Nectar has no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country, so you will need to contact your local customs office if you require further information. These fees are only triggered by redeeming the physical bottle.

Redemption is guaranteed so long as the redeemer is of the legal drinking age within their country and/or local jurisdiction and Barley Nectar are permitted to ship to the designated country or region. If either of these conditions are not met, or else if the redeemer fails to meet the Barley Nectar Terms and Conditions, the bottle will not be redeemed and the bottle NFT will remain with the holder.

The Distillery

The Altour Distillery is being built in Spean Bridge in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, and on the foothills of Ben Nevis - the tallest mountain in the United Kingdom.

The distillery is set to be fully operational by Q3 2024.

Absolutely. Angel’s Share holders are entitled to complimentary distillery tours, and the opportunity to draw a sample by hand from their own barrel.

Visitors will be welcome once we have completed construction. This is due to be in the summer of 2024, although we will give regular updates on progress on our social media channels.

The Altour Distillery specialises in single malt whisky with both a peated and an unpeated line.

On completion of the distillery Angel’s Share holders are entitled to one full barrel of whisky. The barrel is an ex-bourbon 200L barrel, holding unpeated whisky.

The whisky barrels are stored in ideal conditions in our warehousing in Spean Bridge, Scotland.

As your barrel matures it will take on more of the flavour profile of the oak. Older whisky tends to be smoother, darker in colour, and in many cases more desirable. As a barrel owner you are welcome to request a sample whenever you wish so you can track how your whisky is maturing over time.

Ultimately you are free to either bottle the barrel yourself to enjoy. Alternatively you can sell the barrel either directly on the secondary market, or else, depending on stock levels, back to the distillery at a future date.

The Angels’ Share NFT contains free storage and insurance for a period of 5 years. Barrel samples and regauges can be requested at any time at an additional cost.

The Blockchain

Ethereum chain


Once the NFT has been purchased (or “minted”), you will be able to see your NFT on OpenSea or other Ethereum-based NFT marketplaces. You can then connect your digital wallet to the marketplace, which signs you in, and then browse the NFT(s) in your wallet through the marketplace’s interface.